Snooki Goes “Huh?”

September 23, 2011

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Snooki looks like she made her way out in front of the bright lights at MTV’s VMAs and then didn’t know WHAT the hell to do with herself.

Maybe one of the photographers asked her a question that flummoxed the chick. I can hear it now:

Photographer: “Are you descended from trolls?” “Do you have a troll in your bloodline?”

Snooki: “What does ‘descended’ mean? What the hell is a troll? And what do you want to know about my blood?”

Well, Snooki’s not earning money because she’s smart. She’s earning it because she’s a shameless exhibitionist who bought herself a big pair of tits and is willing to get drunk on her ass for TV.

It’s working for her, though.

Photos by FAME

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