Kendra Wilkinson Promotes Sexy Daylife

September 21, 2011

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Kendra Wilkinson was in Las Vegas this weekend hosting an event called Sexy Daylife at the Wet Republic Pool in the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino.

She (wisely) left hubby Hank Baskett at home for this event, making her an even MORE tempting MILF.

I knew Kendra may have gotten married and had a kid, but she was NEVER going to leave her Playboy background behind.

And why should she? She’s got a family to support, since Hank’s NFL career isn’t that… um, hot at the moment. That dude will never live down his Super Bowl fumble.

Hell, next thing you know one of the THEIR sex tapes will be “leaked” (for the right price for Kendra and Hank, of course). I’d watch (some cheap-ass bootleg version I found on the web, but I’d watch).

Photos by FAME

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