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April 11, 2011

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Jocelyne Wildenstein must have made it her mission in life to be the poster child for Plastic Surgery Gone WRONG. Hell, even her rack doesn’t distract from whatever the hell used to be a human face.

Quick! Get the visual out of your head by checking out these luscious links:

  • WHAT the hell is Kim Kardashian doing walking around in pants that look like they’re loaded? Even an attention famewhore like you wouldn’t be looking to get a celebrity endorsement deal with Depends, would you? – Moejackson
  • Is Kat Von D HOT with all the tats or NOT? – I’m Not Obsessed
  • Someone is suing Paris Hilton’s RICH ass. – Celebslam
  • Has LeAnn Rimes LOST her damn MIND? Okay, yes, that’s a rhetorical question. – The Blemish
  • Vanessa Hudgens is embarrassed to talk to lawyers about NUDE pics. Don’t be embarrassed: they’re HOT! – Yeeeah
  • Think Zooey Deschanel is hot? I’m thinking… thinking… – CityRag
  • Enjoy Kelly Brook’s pregnancy TITS. Talk about one lucky baby (and baby daddy). – Hollywoodtuna

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