Jennifer Lopez Has The Legs Of A Goddess

February 4, 2011

Posted in: Jennifer Lopez

JLo, JLo. People may say you’re Hell on Wheels, and you may or may not be rehabbing your image as a judge on American Idol, but I’ve gotta give this to you: you’re a hot chick no matter WHAT else is true.

Look at those legs. If you’re a leg man, then these are the pics for you. Now we just have to curse the fact that Jennifer didn’t bother to turn around and show off that fabulous ass of hers.

You could probably show Kim Kardashian a thing or to. Unless you’ve lost your ass. In which case, I’m glad you’re hiding it, because that would send a significant portion of the male population into mourning.

At least until they saw Kim’s ass again.

Photos by FAME

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