WTH Is Up With Scarlett Johansson?

January 19, 2011

Posted in: Scarlet Johansson

Is this seriously the BEST Scarlett Johansson could do? Wear this frumpy piece of shit to the Golden Globes awards?

Did no one teach this chick the break-up rule? When a chick goes back out onto the market, she’s supposed to come out full guns blazing, looking HOT as all hell.

Seriously, ScarJo, is this the best you could do? Even with Sandra Bullock, the chick Ryan Reynolds is supposedly hooking up with, at the same event? (And you know you’re hotter than Sandra, body-wise!)

ScarJo, ScarJo. We all KNOW you’re hotter than this. Work it, girl!

Photos by FAME

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