J-Woww (and Her Girls) Work It Out

August 13, 2010

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Here’s THE hottest chick on Jersey Shore, J-Woww (aka Jenni Farley, or something like that). She’s wrapped up her girls tight (as you can see), and she’s heading to the gym to work out.

I have GOT to find out what gym she belongs to. I’d drive to New Jersey to run next to J-Woww on a treadmill. You know those tits can’t stay but so stationary, even if they’re fake.

Did you hear that J-Woww recently broke-up with her boyfriend after she was found cheating on him with another dude? You know what that means: this chick is essentially on the market. I mean, how serious can things be with that other dude?

And if she likes cheating… hey… wave those naked tits around in my face long enough, after I’ve had a beer or two (or not), and…

I’m a dude, after all.

Photos by FAME

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