Paris Hilton Wants To Be Marilyn Monroe

August 12, 2010

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Do you hear some kind of whirring, scraping sound? That’s the sound of a long-dead Hollywood icon, Marilyn Monroe, spinning her grave. What else can she do when a no-talent famewhore like Paris Hilton decides to disgrace her by trying to be her?


Let’s just clear this up once and for all: Paris, you are NO Marilyn Monroe. You will NEVER come close to Marilyn Monroe’s stature, no matter how much you prop up those false titties you like to trot out every now and then.

Even the wig looks like shit.

Paris, I think it’s time: buy your ass some little deserted island, put all the creature comforts you want on it, go there, and DO NOT come back. Your 15 minutes are LONG over (although I guess the false tits don’t hurt with extending your time. A little).

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