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August 5, 2010

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You have to hand it to Katy Perry: the chick can fill out some lingerie. Thank you, Rolling Stone.

Check out these luscious links:

  • Think Kim Kardashian has oral skillz? Hell, anybody who’s seen her blowing Ray J on that sex tape knows the answer to that, but watching her eat Pinkberry yogurt just reminds me of it. – Moejackson
  • Megan Fox is the new face of Giorgio Armani cosmetics. I say they should have an ad campaign where her face is beautifully made up and she’s naked otherwise: you know, to accentuate her made up face. – I’m Not Obsessed
  • Well, now we know Kelly Rowland DOES wear underwear. And she has some pretty nice legs. – Celebslam
  • Joaquin Phoenix wants us to know “I’m Still Here.” Wasn’t he supposed to have gone crazy and retired? – The Blemish
  • Amy Winehouse has a NIP SLIP. Well, she did pay good money for her tits: might as well show them off. – Yeeeah
  • Take a look at JLo in her SEE-THROUGH outfits. She seems to love them, and so do I. – CityRag
  • Are Kim Kardashian’s tits about to ESCAPE? – Hollywoodtuna

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