Feed Audrina Patridge Some Cake

September 14, 2009

Posted in: Audrina Partridge


Oh, Audrina’s gonna be a star. At least, we’ll all know who she is, even if we don’t watch that Hills shit, after this Maxim photoshoot. Maxim kindly shared even more pics from the shoot, which you can see below. I’d be happy to feed Audrina cake; she doesn’t need to do that all by herself. Or let her do my laundry. Or wash my car. (If you don’t know what the hell I mean, check out the pics below already, would you?)

Bless’em for this one. Audrina Patridge probably can’t act worth a damn, but who cares, with a rack (and body) like this? I wonder if she does any nude scenes in her new flick, Sorority Row? I might watch it on DVD (even tolerating Rumer Willis) if she shows everything there.

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