Katy Perry Loves Lipstick

August 25, 2009

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Now this is one hell of a visual. It’s Katy Perry performing on stage. This takes me right back to school, but admit it, you think that big-ass tube of lipstick is one giant phallic symbol, too, don’t you? The way she’s standing, with her back arched and that thing jutting out repulses and fascinates me simultaneously.

So this stunt worked, Katy. You got my attention. I’m not sure it’s good attention, but I’m betting you’re of the “any attention is better than no attention” school of thought, right, Katy?

P.S. Oh, and if you want people to look at your tits, Katy, then don’t cover them in roses. Really. That’s one area where less is definitely more. So people can check out the real goods, see.

Photos  by Bauer Griffin

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