Brad Pitt Talks Cannes and New Flick

May 20, 2009

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The big event of the season has to be the Cannes Festival in France.  And what seems to be the biggest headline?  Quentin Tarantino’s movie Inglorious Basterds staring Brad Pitt.  Ann Curry was flown all the way out there to have an interview with the new little duel, and if the chemistry between the two are as good as it is uncandid, then the scripted material must be pretty damned good.

Pitt, who repeatedly showed off his own French speaking skills — saying, “je t’aime,” which means “I love you” several times — as he opened up about his first meeting with Tarantino.

“We went out together… I got up the next morning and saw, like, five empty bottles on the floor and some sort of smoking device on the floor,” he said, laughing. “Then, somehow, six weeks later I was doing the film.”

He said the movie, which follows Pitt as a lieutenant of a group of Jewish-American soldiers fighting Nazis during World War II, was “something new” for him.

“I wish all films could be made this way,” he said. “It’s definitely outrageous, which I was game for!”

I’m sure we all do Brad, however I don’t think the entire world possessed the raw brainpower that Quentin Tarantino alone can muster.  Think about it, don’t you think he’s perhaps one of the most unconvential and successful movie directors because that large, oddly shaped skull of his provides an enviroment that allows for his precious brain to flourish?  No, and therein lays everyone elses downfall.

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