Madonna’s Old Hips Can’t Take Horses

April 21, 2009

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If Madonna tumbles, then everyone’s going down with her–including the horse she rode on over the weekend.  Suffering minor injuries, Madonna’s gang is bent on pushing the blame to a pap that ninja-d their way into the bushes and jumped out–startling her horse.  The question is, do we believe her?

The Southampton Town police report says only that the pop superstar “was a victim of a fall from a horse” Saturday and was taken to Southampton Hospital with “unknown injuries.” It’s unclear whether she told police anything about the circumstances surrounding the accident.

Photographer Thomas Hinton has said Madonna’s host, Steven Klein, was the only photographer around when the singer fell. Hinton said he made pictures of Madonna from a public road before and after the accident but wasn’t there when she fell.

I’m sure for most, it’s really hard to believe this story.  This old lady has frequent flyer miles when it comes to falling off horses.  Hell, she blamed the key turning point in her previous marriage around her falling off a horse and his complete apathy of the whole affair.  I would too; after watching her stumble with horses numerous times, not doing anything at all seems like the easiest thing to do besides screaming “YOU SUCK AT RIDING HORSES, SO DON’T RIDE THEM!” at her.

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