Serena Williams Laughs Off Streaker Scare

January 26, 2009

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There’s nothing like a good sport that draws out the good people…or for at least Serena and Venus Williams, the crazy naked ones.

Serena Williams has laughed off a streaker who sparked a security scare at the Australian Open when he ran on court as she played doubles and cavorted around wearing nothing but a singlet.

“I just thought, my eyes, my innocent eyes,” she joked Saturday when asked about the incident.

Williams and sister Venus were playing doubles together Friday when the man breached a security cordon set up to protect players, dancing around the court before making his way off the playing surface, where he was apprehended.

All I can say is, I know how Serena feels about feelings raped in the eyes.  I shared the same feeling the first time I saw her on the beach with a bikini.  I still kinda get nightmares.

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