Tom Cruise’s Daughter is the “Hottest Tot”

November 19, 2008

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Kids are our future,  kids are important, and when you’re the seed of crazy man Tom Cruise and his love slave Katie Holmes, be expected to be one of the most publicized celebrity children.

The 2-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes tops‘s second annual list of “Hollywood‘s 10 Hottest Tots.”, which ranked celebrity children 5 years old and younger based on media attention and their parents’ popularity, said Suri — known for her stylish outfits and haircut — popped up in more news articles and blogs than her peers.

Of course, her popularity is fueled by the same curiosity an 86 year-old of your community’s neighbor hood watch lives off of.  Will she share the same destiny as her father, or will it be revealed that she was sent from another planet that was destroyed shortly after she was cryogenically frozen and ejected into outer space?  Stay tuned!

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