Lindsay Lohan, Can’t We All Just Get Along?

August 29, 2008

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Lindsay Lohan and her father Michael Lohan reach somewhat of a climax in their flame wars which of course has been followed by the close eyes of the media.  Of course, it has been hard not to notice since Mike has been serving her ass in front of the rolling cameras and microphones while his daughter has been retorting to all on her myspace blog.  To make matters worse, Michael makes sure he doesn’t go down without a fight, and as he spirals further down a deep dark hole, he makes sure he pulls in the whole family.

After the blog entries were posted Thursday, Michael told OK! magazine in an exclamation point-heavy statement that his concerns about Ronson were all generated by ex-wife Dina, who stars alongside their 14-year-old daughter Ali in the E! reality series “Living Lohan.” Michael called Dina a “money-loving, fame-seeking, self-serving deceiver.”

Bam! I say we all just skip the nonsense and go straight into a family brawl, with mud, hair pulling, and popping bra straps.  We all know this is going to happen the next time they cross each other’s paths; they’re like those divas with really bad weaves we’ve all seen yakking their brains out before their afternoon showdown back in high school.

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