Christina Aguilera Confirms the Obvious: Her Pregnancy!

November 5, 2007

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Christina Aguilera has finally confirmed to the press that she is pregnant. Sure, she didn’t say, “I’m pregnant,” but according to BBC,

Aguilera used an interview with Glamour magazine to say she would “enter into mommyhood” at the start of next year.

She said she wanted to be a working mother, so she could “balance” the needs of her child with her career.

“I want to get it right,” the 26-year-old added.

How refreshing. A celebrity who actually cares about their unborn child. Very rarely do I say anything nice about any celebrities, but Christina really is keeping the welfare of her child first and foremost. She avoided the media frenzy and didn’t pull any ridiculous stunts. And, to top it off, she still looks better than most non-pregnant women. And now that my soft / weak moment has passed, I’m going to proceed to break three wooden boards and a stone wall in half with my head because thats how manly I am.

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