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October 19, 2007

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Scarlett Johansson donated a significant amount of money to a Sri Lankan school in India. Although the amount of money has remained unnamed, it reportedly is large enough to support the school for three years. According to M&C, Scarlett said,

“The most gratifying opportunity was visiting a Dalit school. The Dalit community in Sri Lanka is considered the lowest status in the caste system, and children as young as four are working the fields.

“Hopefully the money I have given will financially support the school there for the next three years.”

Four year olds working the fields? I’m pretty sure when I was four years old I didn’t even know how to wipe my own ass or prevent myself from wetting the bed, but I guess that is kind of beneficial for field work. Why spend thousands on manure when you can let loose a bunch of four year olds with bottles filled with EXLAX. That field will be lit up in less than five minutes.
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