Britney Spears Learned Lance Bass Was Gay First

October 17, 2007

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Lance Bass

Lance Bass, the ex-Nysnc member, is a gay man and decided to step out of the closet for the first time to his pal Britney Spears. You see, at that time, Britney Spears ended her marriage with her first husband and was in a desperate place and time. Lance decided that sharing his penis loving tendencies would be the perfect cure to the love sick ailment. According to Page Six,

Her manager had already gotten rid of [her first husband] Jason [Alexander] – they’d flown him home. Britney was upset about what she had done. I felt bad for her. I knew she was about to go through a lot of crap. I felt the need to share something. So I sat her on my bed, and I’m like, Well, I’m gay!” Spears was “surprised. I was always the Southern gentleman.”

I’m confused. Lance Bass was always the Southern gentleman. Is he suggesting that gay people can neither be gentleman nor Southern? And, as a matter of fact, isn’t Southern Gentleman by default an oxymoron? Don’t people down South beat their wives and drink Budweiser on the porch while wearing fruit of the loom tighty whiteys? Or wait, that’s just me.

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