Naked Man Invades Nicholas Cage’s Home

October 3, 2007

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Nicolas Cage

Robert Dennis Furo, an Orange County tailor, broke into Nicolas Cage‘s home and began parading around the premises naked. After Nicholas spotted the naked man wearing one of his actor’s jackets, he called the gated community security guard at 1:30am. According to Fox,

Cage was upstairs with his wife and son, and reported seeing the man standing at the door of a bathroom.

“He was standing there naked — except for the leather jacket,” Fox said.

The guard called police, and when officers arrived Cage had already asked the man to take off the jacket and escorted him outside “without struggle,” Fox said.

Despite being caught naked in the act, Furo has decided to plead not guilty. He was naked in Nicholas Cage’s house and he has the balls to say not guilty. He let his log hang around in a house filled with children and women and still thinks he’s not guilty. I only have three words for him… What The Fuck?

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