Madonna’s Scandal: Nude Photographs and Love Letters

August 3, 2007

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Madonna and her lawyers are attempting to stop an investment firm specializing in Madonna memorobilia from releasing  17 love letters and 7 Polaroid pictures from the early 1990s that were originally sent to her then boyfriend, James Albright. According to the Metro,

The firm is now touting them around to the highest bidder and hoping to make more than $200,000. Some of the pictures, which the singer took of herself, show her naked in explicit poses.

The collection also includes personal items such as underwear which Madonna apparently sent to Albright during their two-year relationship.

Perfect. Just what I’ve always wanted. A 15 year-old pair of used underwear from a chick who most likely didn’t shave. “Look ma, a pube.” My parents are going to be so proud…

And here are some pictures of Madonna showing off how cold it is…

Madonna pictures 5Madonna pictures 4Madonna pictures 3Madonna pictures 2Madonna pictures 1

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anne August 18, 2007 at 6:39 am

fuck you madonna

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