Katherine McPhee Diggs the East

July 13, 2007

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“She might also be into the Kama Sutra… hmm”

Katherine McPhee seems to enjoy Asian pastimes such as using henna to create temporary tattoos. The American Idol singer had multiple tats across her arms and legs as she attended the premier of I now pronounce you Chuck and Larry. Henna which is also used as a hair dye stains the skin to create a light brown marking that can be used to create various designs and images.

Indian women have known to get several markings in henna before their wedding. Of course I learned all this because I was once slapped by an Indian bride. What!? Aren’t chicks with tats are easy? It turns out she was just at a bachelor’s party. Of course that rule doesn’t apply to temporary tattoos you find in cracker jacks. That caused me to introduce myself to everyone in the neighborhood, damn judge.

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