Jimmy Fallon NEEDS to Drink!

July 4, 2007

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Jimmy don’t even like Jimmy

Fallon’s attempt about being smart.

Jimmy Fallon was recently stuck waiting for seven hours in Delta’s Crown Room Club due to a delay at Los Angeles airport or on account of him being Jimmy Fallon. The “Club” was out of booze and when the plane was boarded, it took another two hours to take off, because the plane knew it would be carrying Jimmy Fallon. According to TMZ spies, Fallon was pleading for Ambien. Of course no one would give him any. Fallon’s rep was contacted because no one wanted to quote Fallon because well.. he’s Jimmy Fallon. She confirmed:

Jimmy was on his way to film scenes for the upcoming flick, “Rockett.”

Many passengers were happy the plane wasn’t struck by lightning on account of Jimmy Fallon, because along with puppies, even clouds hate Jimmy Fallon. Of course I imagine he tells people “Hey! I’m Jimmy Fallon,” to which many reply, you think you could get me Queen Latifah’s autograph?

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