Lindsay Lohan’s Rehab Stint Leads to New Friends

June 12, 2007

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Lindsay Lohan

Amidst several other lesbian rumors, Lindsay Lohan has supposedly found a new friend in rehab. Dori Cooperman.

Dori checked herself into a rehab facility two weeks ago in Arizona, but left for Promises because it was much more “hip.” Shortly after checking herself into rehab, she was allegedly spotted with Lohan going to the gym. However, according to Page Six,

A friend of Lohan warned, “Dori is trying to worm her way into a friendship with Lindsay and it won’t work.”

The problem with Hollywood socialites is they treat rehab like a high-school kid treats detention. It’s the cool place to be. However, snorting Pixie Stix off the Home Economics table just isn’t as bad ass as a 12 hour coke binge. Lindsay 1 Highschool Boy 0.

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