Kevin Federline to Release a Second Album, Waste all of his Money

May 30, 2007

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Kevin Federline

The mastermind behind the shittiest album ever, “Playing with Fire,” is set to release a second album that he plans on funding with his own money. Despite being unreceived by the general public, Kevin Federline is determined to make his music career a success. According to Janet Charlton,

He’s consulting with friends he’s made in the music biz, like Scott Storch, but basically he’s doing everything himself in his home studio. Nowadays he says he only leaves home if he gets paid to do it. No more clubbing. [via Celebitchy]

Just when I was beginning to think I waste too much money on ridiculous things, Kevin Federline is supposedly set to fund his own album. I mean, at least my magic fairy dust that cost $25,000 can blind people without goggles on.

Anyway, wouldn’t this be the perfect album if it were named, “I got Burned,” and had a picture of Kevin Federline burning a 100 dollar bill? Absolutely.

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