Paris Hilton’s Fans Try to Free Paris Hilton from Mandatory Jail Time

May 8, 2007

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Paris Hilton Drinking

Paris Hilton, who has been sentenced to serve 45 days in jail beginning on June 5th, 2007, was fortunate enough to have dedicated fans attempt to exonerate her by sending an open letter and petition to Governor Schwarzenegger. According to Paris Hilton’s Myspace, the fan wrote,

To: The Honorable Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814

Dear Governor Schwarzenegger:

Let me first begin by saying that I grew up as a child enjoying all of your wonderful films. You really are the truly great action hero for our time. You are doing a great job in the great state of California.

I would like to bring a matter to your attention that you may or may not already be aware of due to the excessive media coverage this matter has received recently:

Paris Whitney Hilton is 26 year old American celebrity and socialite. She is an heiress to a share of the Hilton Hotel fortune, as well as to the real estate fortune of her father Richard Hilton. She provides hope for young people all over the U.S. and the world. She provides beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives. Hilton is notable for her leading roles on the FOX reality series The Simple Life and in the remake of the Vincent Price horror classic “House of Wax”. In addition to her work as an actress, she has achieved some recognition as a model, celebrity spokesperson, singer, and writer.

As most of America now knows, Ms. Hilton was just charged in a Los Angeles court with DUI and sentenced to 45 days in Century Regional Detention Facility in California beginning on or before June 5, 2007.

We, the American public who support Paris, are shocked, dismayed and appalled by how Paris has been the person to be used as an example that Drunk Driving is wrong. I do not support drunk driving or condone a person being spared from DUI charges. Paris should have been sober. But she shouldn’t go to jail, either. As depicted on Friday night’s episode “Nancy Grace” on Headline News (May 4, 2007), countless celebrities have been “slapped on the wrist” for similar incidents recently. Nick Nolte, Mel Gibson, Tracy Morgan, Wynonna Judd, to name a few, were arrested and never did a day in jail after their initial arrests for drunk driving /DUI /DWI charges. Rappers Busta Rhymes and Eve still walk free after both being arrested for the same charges as Ms. Hilton just this past week.

Singer/actress Brandy Norwood’s California Highway accident, although no proof of DUI was evidenced in her accident, resulted in the death of a young wife and mother in California, yet Brandy walks free as of today, never doing any time and a woman is now dead possibly due to her reckless driving.

Yet, Paris Hilton did not hurt, injure, or kill anyone or anything, and yet she must do jail time.

This letter, with all due respect to you, sir, is to ask you to please consider granting a pardon to Paris Hilton for her mistake, or at the very least to advocate for a pardon to be given to Ms. Hilton. Please allow her to her return to her career and life. Everyone makes mistakes. She didn’t hurt or kill anyone, and she has learned her lesson. She is sincere, apologetic, and full of regret for her actions as she explained tearfully to the Judge handling her case in court yesterday. She is distraught and understandably afraid to enter the prison system.

Please save Paris from ending up at the Century Regional Detention Facility in California.

I urge you to think about the welfare of this young woman who will be placed into a facility with murderers, rapists, people who have committed assault, battery, larceny, etc. Paris has made a mortal error and deserves a second chance like so many others in our great nation have been served with after a mistake they have made. In my humble opinion, if the late Former President Gerald Ford could find it in his heart to pardon the late Former President Richard Nixon after his mistake(s), we as compassionate human beings can undeniably support Paris Hilton being pardoned for her honest mistake as well.

I hope and expect that you will understand and please consider granting this unusual but important request in good faith to Ms. Paris Whitney Hilton.

If you merely skimmed the letter, take a chance to go back and reread it. They really did compare Paris Hilton to Richard Nixon. Pathetic.

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(_8^(l) May 13, 2007 at 4:38 pm

“She provides beauty and excitement to (most of) our otherwise mundane lives.” What the fuck? Speak for yourself! Every time i see this bitch on tv i die a little. I know she’ll end up serving her time because she fucking has to. Maybe while she’s in jail she’ll realize how much of a disgusting, irresponsible, drunkard fucking whore she is.

Shannon May 13, 2007 at 11:16 pm

Unless she is set free or not going to jail. I’m going on a hunger strike.

Adrian May 14, 2007 at 9:42 am

Great I guess we wont see you at the “Paris Going To Jail” bar-b-que celebration!!…you think with all that money and resouces for higher education, her parents would have spent a little more time on naming, or at least hired someone to name their kids something less cheesier than Paris, or Nikki…..they both sound like stripper stage names….hehe

mark May 14, 2007 at 11:03 am

just because she is celebrity, doesnt mean she is special, and does not have to stick to the rules. even if she had killed someone, the writer of this letter would say “she only killed one person, and he hadnt even read paris’ book”
she is only scared and sincere because she got caught and because of the shock of her parents not being able to pay her way out of it

Mike May 14, 2007 at 4:56 pm

They better make her go, I did the exact SAME THING and got 9 months! She is no better than myself and if you ask me, 45 days is WAY TO SHORT.

Motorcycle Guy May 14, 2007 at 9:44 pm

What haha her going to jail is the start of a good thing not anything negative.

Munan May 18, 2007 at 1:30 pm

Provides “hope”???
I believe the author misspelled “herpes”….

Nancy August 31, 2007 at 12:05 am

Paris Hilton deserve to be in jail. I am soooooooooo happpy!!!!!!!1

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