Donald Trump Knocks Heads in Wrestlemania

April 2, 2007

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump, in the battle of the billionaires against Vince McMahon in Wrestlemania, came out on top – Vince had to shave his head. Even though Donald wasn’t set to actually fight Vince McMahon, a friend called me and told me that Donald Trump began gang beating Vince with punches after the match was over. I suspect Donald had rolls of quarters in his fists because he doesn’t look like the type to pack that hard of a punch without a little bit of help.

Unfortunately for Donald, shortly after his glorious victory over Vince, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin gave him the “Stone Cold Stunner.” Good thing Donald can afford billion dollar chiropractors because just watching him get smashed into the wrestling ring makes my back hurt and I’m much more manly than Donald.

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