The DVD release of Dukes of Hazard: The Beginning is filled with Hot Girls

March 23, 2007

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April Scott Hot Girl pics

Dukes of Hazard: The Beginning is going to be an extremely shitty movie. Every time a sequel is made and is filled with hot girls as opposed to an entertaining plot and funny circumstances, you might as well watch it on mute with your pants around your ankles. I can be fairly certain this movie sucks, but look how happy it made April! She can tell all of her friends that she is a “real” actress, as opposed to another face, another set of tits.

In addition to April Scott pictures, I am able to present a little bit of Alana Curry as well. Who Alana Curry is, is a complete mystery, but as I said above, another face, another set of breasts. Click away.

April Scott Pictures 5April Scott Pictures 4April Scott Pictures 3April Scott Pictures 2April Scott Pictures
Alana Curry Pictures 5Alana Curry Pictures 4Alana Curry Pictures 3Alana Curry Pictures 2Alana Curry Pictures 1

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