Naomi Campbell is Super Scummy, Sanitation Savior

March 7, 2007

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Naomi Campbell Found Guilty

Naomi Campbell, who was found guilty for assaulting her maid with a phone, is required to complete five days of community service beginning on March 19th 2007. Her sentence will be carried out in a Manhatten garage for New York City trash-trucks. She will be required to wear the “Scarlet Lette,” bright orange jacket, and workman boots. According to the Chronicle,

Naomi will be allowed to stay inside the garage out of the public view. Naomi, 36, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault in January, after being arrested for hurling her crystal-encrusted phone at Ana Scolavino last March. The incident left Ana needing four stitches to the head.

The only runway she’ll be strolling down is in between sanitation trucks picking up garbage men’s garbage. This is a real bottom of the barrel job. Nobody wants to be the guy who wipe’s a dog walker’s ass.

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