Kate Moss Looks for Secret Hide-Away for Pete Doherty

February 12, 2007

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Pete Moss is a Junkie

Kate Moss, who has been in a broken relationship with Pete Doherty, is desperately trying to seek help for her lover. Despite the negative attention and pleas across the internet for Kate to ditch Pete, she still wants to give him a chance because she understands how hard it is to break the addiction. According to the Sun,

A close friend said: “Kate keeps getting frustrated with Pete, but she cannot leave him.

“She feels let down by his constant broken promises but is torn because she absolutely adores him.

Some people are suckers for punishment. Kate Moss is one of these people. Pete Doherty has failed several rehabilitation attempts and there is no reason to believe the next will be successful. The only other option available would be prison time and a cell-mate who makes Pete refer to him as Big Momma.

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