Top 10 Celebrity Bikini Candids of January 2007

January 31, 2007

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Uma Thurman Bikini Candid

10. Uma Thurman Bikini Pictures – An unsuspecting Uma Thurman lip locked with her man dons a Purple bikini.

Rihanna  Bikini Candid

9. Rihanna Bikini Pictures – Sure, she’s supposedly Unfaithful, but with a booty like hers… Who wouldn’t be? It is just a prime target.

Mischa Barton Bikini Candids

8. Mischa Barton Bikini Pictures – Chat away Mischa, but I think you dropped something. Everyone would like you to pick it up.

Keisha Buchanan Bikini Candids

7. Keisha Buchanan Bikini Candids – She is most definitely not a super model, but she fills out a bikini. She just seems normal, which makes these bikini pics as number.

Jamie-Lynn Sigler Bikini Candids

6. Jamie-Lynn Sigler Bikini Candids – She’s a Soprano. Watch your mouth and avert your eyes.

Lindsay Lohan Green Bikini

5. Lindsay Lohan Green Bikini Pics – Alright, she may be in rehab, but look at her breasts. They’re nearly perfect.

Penelope Cruz Bikini Candids

4. Penelope Cruz Bikini Pictures – Have you ever seen Bandidas? The two sexy Latino Women, Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz attempting to be bad ass is a completely sexy. These bikini pictures are just another way of showing my adoration.

Lindsay Lohan Silly Bikini

3. Lindsay Lohan Black Bikini – Earlier I mentioned she has a perfect chest, but I also clarified she was in rehab. Here is a perfect example of why Lindsay Lohan was in rehab. Shortly after a supposed Appendix surgery, she is obviously sprinting away from the virus or she merely has to use the bathroom.

Jessica Alba Gives Man Erection in Public

2. Jessica Alba in a Blue Bikini – Sure We’re all happy to see Jessica, but so is this guy. He is either extremely erect or he manages to stuff his pants with tube socks in the morning.

Jessica Biel Ass in Bikini

1. Jessica Biel’s Ass in a Bikini – This was an obvious choice and just goes to show what a great month it has been for celebrity bikini candids. It is absolutely beautiful and most definitely deserves to be the number 1 choice for January. I actually dare anyone to show me a better bikini candid from this month because then I will call you crazy.

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