Johnny Depp’s African Desires is a Complete Shock

December 6, 2006

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Johnny Depp Photoshoot Pictures

Johnny Depp has requested a Moroccan themed trailer on the set of his new movie, “Sweeney Todd.” Pinewood studios has chosen to comply with his 39,000 dollar request. According to M & C,

“There were a few raised eyebrows when producers heard what his demands for his trailer were. But no expense has been spared with the best quality drapes we could find, the pipes and selection of flavoured tobacco for them.”

The source added: “Johnny was upset that Vince is renting the house in South West London that he wanted.

“So to make him feel better, Johnny asked that his trailer is bigger than Vince’s which is only a few yards away. We’ve given him the biggest one to make him

He should have just requested African tribal dancers to serenade him in between takes. Or, better yet, a throne, fully equipped with loads of grapes and two half-naked women, that is carried by Moroccan servants – he’s a star after all. Then, instead of demanding a bigger trailer – to be petty, he could just brag about how far away one of his harem girls could launch a grape into his mouth.

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