Kevin Federline wishes Britney to dump new manny

June 21, 2006

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Kevin Federline - lounging at poolside

“What are you looking at mang? I have a plastic gun.”

After Britney Spears hired a new manny, Perry Taylor, as a bodyguard, Kevin Federline felt threatened by his presence. After the couple was reunited last week, the manny was reportedly put from a 24 hour a day pay check to hourly when needed because Kevin didn’t like him holding his son.

A source close to Britney said: “Kevin didn’t like seeing Perry holding his son while out with Britney. He instructed her to drop the ‘manny’ before their reunion last week where they decided to get their marriage back on track.

Kevin was uncomfortable with Taylor being so close to Britney and his son. He felt she was trying to taunt him.”

Taylor, who was a constant companion for Britney, has now been told he will be employed on an hourly rate when needed. Britney jetted to Miami to join Kevin, who was appearing at a club.

Anyone else notice that he told Britney to have Perry stay away? If he were a real man, he would have told Perry his services are no longer needed and fired him himself, but Kevin is only the king amongst women who don’t know any better and wanna-be gangsta rappers. [source] [tags]Kevin Federline, Britney Spears, Perry Taylor[/tags]

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