Nicole Richie is skinny because of Lionel Richie

May 9, 2006

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Nicole Richie

[tag]Lionel Richie[/tag] recently tried to take responsibility for the extreme weight loss of his adopted daughter, [tag]Nicole Richie[/tag]. He said Nicole’s weight dropped during his highly publicized and expensive divorce to his second wife, [tag]Diane Alexander[/tag]. He also told Britain’s Sunday Mirror newspaper,

When I saw how thin she was I was concerned and worried. I would love to see her with more meat on her

I still don’t know what all the speculation is. Experts say, to remain at a healthy body weight, one must eat… food. I know this is really complicated and we haven’t been doing this for thousands of years, but maybe she should just… eat. Although, if that is too complicated, maybe we should sit her down in a high chair and play airplane. Here you go Nicole, open wide, “vroooooom.”


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