Jennifer Aniston badgers Brad Pitt for money, Angelina Jolie says fuck off.

May 8, 2006

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Jennifer Aniston

[tag]Jennifer Aniston[/tag] and [tag]Brad Pitt[/tag]‘s founded a production company, Plan B, while they were married, but after the divorce set in, the company cut her fee for the movie, “The Senator’s Wife.” An aide of Jennifer Aniston allegedly told Star Magazine,

Jen called Brad because she wanted to sort this wrangle out.  She is shocked that her contract has been seemingly altered, and she wants Brad to intervene.

Brad told Jennifer the original fee would be honoured, but he also asked her politely to ‘stop badgering’ him.

…He later mentioned to Angelina that Jennifer called him, which left Angelina livid.  Jen is calling Brad repeatedly on his cell phone – Ange can’t take the interference and has told Brad to tell Jen to fuck off

Am I the only one who would love to see a cat fight between [tag]Angelina Jolie[/tag] and Jennifer Aniston? That aside, Jennifer Aniston didn’t complain about a break up for more than a year, but Jennifer Aniston isn’t broken. She doesn’t regularly call her ex-husband for issues lawyers should be sorting out, but Jennifer Aniston isn’t broken. The moral of story is, when it comes down to the facts, Angelina Jolie will tell you to fuck off and rip your head off, which makes her that much hotter. As a matter of fact, just reading about her, makes me find scratch and bite marks all over my body.



leah May 8, 2006 at 5:41 pm

jennifer did look for sympathy and pity. and let her friends turn against brad, let oprah ban brad from the oprah show. jennifer is a bitter selfish cow.

jessie May 16, 2006 at 1:21 am

jennifer is speaking to him in a professional context…it sounds like angelina is the nutty one now. brad and jennifer have a business together and have to be in contact over things like movies, their production company, salaries, etc. jennifer did not turn people against brad, they turned away on their own. brad it stupid for leaving a pretty wife for a tattooed bony nut, and angelina had a cheating husband already…if she continues to be a psycho, she’ll probably find that brad will cheat on her too.

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