April 14, 2006

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Daniel Craig

[tag]Daniel Craig[/tag] can’t play poker. The new James Bond had to have an expert fly out to teach him to play cards. An source was quoted as saying,

Daniel could not play cards – it was so funny. It is a critical part of the film, where Bond shows how cool a customer he is. But it was frustratingly ridiculous how long it took to teach the cast how to play or behave at a poker table.

In addition to not knowing how to cards, the new Bond can’t drive stick or fire guns. This has caused the filmmakers to write up a new script. DEREK HAIL has the EXCLUSIVE right here!!

Daniel Craig (James Bond) Do I have any 7′s? No Mr. Han, I don’t. Go Fish!! (Mr. Han pulls out a gun. Bond stabs him with a sewing needle.) The old folks home starts to get rowdy and Bond needs a quick escape. He clicks the alarm on his keys. The Aston Martin DB5 doesn’t move. The Datsun comes rolling through. He peels off. (Cue in James Bond theme)


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