Kate Moss: legs spread and ready for immortality.

April 12, 2006

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Kate Moss Statue

[tag]Marc Quinn[/tag] created a statue of [tag]Kate Moss[/tag] in a yoga position. Quinn says, “She is a contemporary version of the Sphinx. A mystery.” This statue is on display in London, but New Yorkers will be able to see Mark Quinn’s five piece collection in the Mary Boone Gallery coming in April 2007. His statue was initially announced earlier this year by Times Online, but now he has finished.

I agree with Quinn, Kate Moss is a mystery. One minute she is an exposed drug abuser, the next she is being nominated for mother of the year. Although, the only real mystery is why does Kate Moss continue to get half a million dollar contracts when I’m stuck getting 35 dollar tickets for pissing in public.

Source (Thank you to Lauren and Charlotte of Celebrity Religion for sending this in)

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