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March 19, 2006

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Nick Lachey

One of the most publicized marriages in Hollywood, Newly Weds, is long gone. [tag]Jessica Simpson[/tag] and [tag]Nick Lachey[/tag] have filed for a divorce a few months ago. Jessica has been considered for Dallas and now Nick is going to be part of the new show, [tag]She Said/He Said[/tag], which was said by a CW spokesperson on Friday. This new show is about Nick, who is going to play a bachelor that lives in Manhatten.

This sounds like a man’s perspective of Sex in the City. The question is will Nick get left alone like he just had sex with a two dollar hooker or will his show make it to prime time unlike what they did to his other show (canceled before it even started. ContactMusic). Nick has been dumped by Jessica and Network TV. This brings me back to [tag]98 degrees[/tag] song, Invisible man,

But you don’t even know I’m alive
Baby to you all I am
Is the invisible man

which shows where Nick will be in six months, alone.


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